Aggy the Hen – cover of Cornelis Vreeswijk’s Hönan Agda

A silly song about a hen. Originally made by Cornelis Vreeswijk in 1969. I've translated the Swedish song into cheeky English and I perform it - for you! 😉
 Aggy the Hen Tab
Original music by Cornelis Vreeswijk
Cover by Oddnejm

Standard tuning


Fingerpicking style (whole song): 
D A7 G  

Except for at the end of each verse: 
... we demand a musketeer      Quick or we are out of here! 

        D                  A7
Let me sing you a little song
Where a rooster came along
It was sick and old and tired
Oh, the cock was all expired
           G                   D
Chickens whined and went on riot
            G                A7
They would not be nice and quiet
      D            G
We demand a musketeer
          A7              D
Quick or we are out of here! (they said) 

Lick 1: 

"Our rooster ain't got heart
He's broken down and can't restart
We don't want a dusty fart
If he sneezed he'd fall apart
He's supposed to be a dream
We want passion, lust and steam
Let's have a cock with rock n' roll
And some sugar in our bowl"

Lick 2: 

Rusty Rooster'd had enough
Packed an egg with all his stuff
No one cried when he was gone
They went wild 'til break of dawn
Feathers flying, chickens dancing
They were dying for romancing
Joyous like New Year's Day
'Cause a new cock was on its way

When ... By the way, this is a naughty one ... 

Lick 3: 

When he finally arrived
It's a wonder he survived
"What a pose! He's so commanding!
What a comb! See, how it's standing!
What a beak! It must be hard!
May we show you our backyard?"
And as he was in his prime
He gave them all a loving time

Lick 4: 
  all ...                                  a loving time

But Aggy the hen was hurting
All she got was rooster flirting
All prepared for hanky panky
                          D Dmaj7 D7
All she got was really cranky
Aggy's baffled and confused
She was feeling so unused
He just stared and like a nut
Pulled a feather from her butt

Lick 5: 

Oh, days went but nothing changed
The whole thing was quite deranged
Aggy still was the only dame
Deprived of the loving flame
Anywhere, in any weather
The rooster pulled a feather
Until a day to her despair
Aggy's booty was in the air

Aggy cried and was ashamed
Why was she the one defamed? 
She got mad, she'd had enough
She got bad and hard and tough
When they met again she roared
With all the anger she had stored
"Listen cock, I'm here to screw
Stop being a damn cuckoo!" 

Lick 6: 

"Now, explain what you have done 
Why've you been with everyone
But reject me every day
And why d'you take my tuft away?" 
"Well," the rooster said uneasy 
"I am sorry if it's breezy
It was mean to be so rude
- But I want you in the nude"

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