My writing covers translations of musicals, proofreading; concert- and opera presentations; magazine and newspaper articles; book reviews, poetry and short stories. I have a masters in creative writing, comparative literature and history of ideas and sciences from Lund University, where I’ve studied for 9 years.   Author of Myten om Narcissus – en språkopera. I frequently write […]


I’ve worked on a variety of products and activities, such as websites (including this one), advertising, posters, brochures, product packaging, videos, corporate communications and corporate identity.   I’ve also organised sheet music for musicals such as Billy Elliot and Kinky Boots. I inserted the Swedish translations into the English piano scores and merged the librettos with the […]


A self-taught guitarist and singer with experience of translating and editing musical scores for Opera houses and writing about concerts, operas and musicals.   My strong love for music constantly improves my determination, perseverance and dedication. Learning new pieces of music and mastering an instrument takes time, skill and a huge amount of passion. I have no intention of […]