My work

I’ve designed a variety of products and activities, such as websites, advertising, posters, brochures, product packaging, videos, corporate communications and corporate identity. I excel at problem solving, computer skills and giving organisations a visual ”brand”.


I've designed brochures for iMatematik AB, an EdTech startup, and the Kockumation Group, which designs high-quality niche products revolving around core knowledge in software automation, acoustics and mechatronics.


The videos I have produced have been sold to Lund University and iMatematik AB. Mostly I make videos, however, for the pure fun of it. I also design artwork, which is not for sale since I often use photos that I don't own the copyrights to. I just love to play around with Photoshop and see what happens.




InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat and Illustrator

WordPress and Dreamweaver

Sony Vegas

My cover of Shearwater's "I Was A Cloud"
A film adaptation of one of Filosofiska rummet's podcasts.